Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Reaper

The pages above are the first three from a new comic featured in the latest issue of FIMP Magazine. This comic is a bit of a departure for me as it's my first attempt at making one in Arabic and also the first I draw with a brush. The choice of language was the more difficult of the two transitions so I needed some help with it. For that, a big thanks goes out to Hiba Krisht for translating the script I originally wrote out in English (my Arabic is shamefully underdeveloped for someone living in Lebanon). Equally big thanks go out to Joanna Douba for lettering the Arabic text and helping to flesh out the original idea, and Krystel Kouyoumdjis for the gigantic service of stopping me from making the mistake of essentially rewriting an earlier comic (read: nagging).

The guys at FIMP get credit for letting me try a somewhat unconventional approach given this issue's theme: Superheroes. I was tasked with creating a short comic featuring a superhero that would be relevant to Lebanon so the approach was to try and create something that didn't ape the existing template but rather deal with violence in a very specific way to the country. I'd rather not go into a more detailed explanation here as the magazine features something of a manifesto to accompany the comic. Suffice it to say, the thought process led to the skeletal woman in the above pages.

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