Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Vampire Chipmunk in a Hat and a Mutant Cucumber

These two were started a while back while I was waiting for a very long document to be typed up. The first one was finished during the wait but the second was completed while I was up in an area named Khiara (for non-Arabic-speaking readers, it translates to Cucumber). That second guy was initially supposed to be some kind of fish zombie but it was up there that everyone pointed out he looks like a cucumber... Take a long look at him and enjoy eating your salad from now on folks.

Each of these was drawn on a post-it with different colored bic pens. The first color that was applied was the green. It's not as strong as the black or red pens so it's ideal to start drawing with. The black's good for finishing up the darkest areas and then the red's good for embellishing it... or adding blood.

Enjoy that salad.

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