Saturday, January 14, 2012

Alone in the Cold

These two started as random sketches while blocked on a project. I'm generally prone to obsessing over something and these days, it happens to be David Fincher's version of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. My favorite thing about the film was how well it captured a feeling of loneliness in the cold and by the time I was done drawing these, it became apparent where they came from.

Something else I enjoyed about drawing these was messing around with a new medium. They both started with a pack of markers I recently decided to try out, a Letraset Promarker Sketching Set. What's really good about these is that they take a long time to dry so the colors can be blended in very interesting ways. The color palette is also limited (at least with the set I got) so in trying to find combinations with the existing colors, it ended up making the results even more interesting.

The first sketch ended up alright but the second one came out too colorful for my liking so I ended up going over it with white acrylic. The combination of the two mediums ended up creating a texture that I can only describe as "frosty." It was still a little too cheerful for the purposes of this drawing so I ended up digitally giving it a blue cast and there you go...

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