Thursday, July 4, 2013

Al Taboor al Khames: Teaser #2

Here's a finalized panel from the first chapter of Al Taboor Al Khames, a new comic written by FDZ and coming out soon in Zamakan Magazine. If I tell you what they're afraid of, there's a ninja who's following me who'd swoop out of nowhere and kill me but I will reveal it's a horror comic.
Lots of horror.

This story was going to be black and white due to time constraints. I had initially started sketching with the hopes that we could do it in color so once we realized time was against us, I had to make some changes to the inking approach I first had in mind. I used a lot more brushwork than I normally would have to make the sky darker and ended up digitally adding a gray tone to each page to heighten the feeling of overpowering grimness. As far as the brushwork goes, I was also hoping (and hopefully succeeded) to get a much looser vibe than my previous work in comics.

Once we realized it was taking roughly the same amount of time to add a gray, we experimented with a limited color palette and argued about picking the right colors for several weeks. Once we got to the palette in the above panel, everyone involved felt at ease and the more we looked at it, the happier we were about it. My reference for the colors was how the film Zodiac was photographed. Anytime I had to defend my case, the argument usually boiled down to "But Zodiac!"

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