Friday, June 28, 2013

Al Taboor Al Khames: Teaser #1

The above character studies are for the first chapter of Al Taboor Al Khames, a new comic written by FDZ and coming out soon in Zamakan Magazine. It's my first collaboration on a comic and I have to say it's the best collaboration I've been a part of so far.

Jamil Bitar is one of our protagonists and the sketching process didn't change much on this story. I usually start writing with a clear idea of what the character would look like but in this case, I had a more or less complete outline before getting started. Fortunately, he was an easy character to crack as everyone involved had a similar idea of what this guy was like. I had only done one sketch of him prior to those posted here. He ended up going through a few minor changes by the time he got to final but the essence remained the same (it's mostly in the nose).

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